Nestor began studying Chinese medicine and acupuncture in Taiwan in 1984 and has been practicing TCM in California since 1990. He started studying with Dr. Young in 2006 and has since assisted his master on seminars in the US, Israel, and Spain. He has done translation work for Dr. Young from Chinese to English, such as the booklet "The Acupuncture Thought of Dr. Wei-Chieh Young." He currently holds a practice between California and Israel while holding courses in Tung's Acupuncture and mentoring students in diagnostic and treatment strategies.



Michael holds a PhD in TCM from Tianjin TCM University and has a background in pharmacy. He has held a practice in W. Vancouver since 1998 and has sat as chair and consultant for numerous organizations in Canada such as the chair of the Board of Directors of the College of TCM Practitioners and Acupuncturists of BC (CTCMA) in 2011. He has studied with Dr. Young since 1990 and assisted his master on seminars in the US, Malaysia, Germany and Canada. He currently maintains a practice in W. Vancouver, is a managing/founding partner of Bema Botanicals and regularly teaches Tung's Acupuncture throughout Canada.

Dr. Young's Disciples

Dr. Young has taken on disciples since he began teaching in the mid-1970s to as recently as 2011. For this reason, he has disciples numbering into the hundreds. Dr. Young also has many close and outstanding students that never become formal disciples. Being a good disciple is hard; it requires commitment and sacrifice to spend time with one's master and his work. Disciples can become like family members: accompanying their master on lectures and vacations, sharing meals and the roof over their heads, carrying each others load and celebrating life together; but disciples can also lose touch, change their direction, dishonor their master and become estranged. 

In the past decade, no other disciples have spent more time with Dr. Young than these two disciples here. They have accompanied him on seminars to various countries, did translation work for him, held their own Tung's Acupuncture seminars, and worked tireless hours in promoting and broadening Dr. Young's teachings. We highly recommend them for teaching Tung's Acupuncture as authentically developed by Dr. Young.