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Disciple of Master Tung Ching-Chang, Liu Du Zhou, and Zhu Bo-Kun;
the world's leading authority in acupunture, Shang Han Lun and I-Ching respectively.





Dr. Young has spent over 40 years researching in the area of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He is well read in classical Chinese medicine and philosophy texts, and as a continually practicing TCM doctor, he has not only the literary foundation but also the practical insight into effective treatments and their basis. He has devoted his life to researching and writing on the subjects of Yi Ching, Shang Han Lun, and Five Transport Points, to name a few. His most notable contribution to the TCM community has been laying the philosophical and TCM foundation for the special points discovered by Master Tung.

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Dr. Young has been teaching since the 1970’s. First as an apprentice to Master Tung in tutoring foreign students, then in local universities in Taiwan, and eventually to the rest of Asia and beyond.  Educating TCM practitioners has always been part of Dr. Young’s schedule and priority. His passion for teaching is fueled by his desire to share his research and to benefit more patients. He has the ability to make difficult concepts accessible and to transform them into effective results in the clinic. His no holding back attitude is the reason he continues to fill lecture halls and to be invited to speak all over the world.

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Dr. Young's interest in TCM began in his father’s wushu studio while learning orthopedic care. He independently studied TCM texts throughout high school, leading to a friend/mentor-ship with Dr. Ma Guangya and becoming a disciple of Master Tung. Dr. Young has been practicing TCM ever since those early days as a student. From treating his professors and classmates while in college, to volunteer work in Tibet and Kyrgyzstan, he has continuously practiced and oversaw the care of tens of thousands of patients. Throughout developments in modern health and herbal practices, Dr. Young’s practice has remained effective and relevant; His understanding of TCM’s philosophical and conceptual underpinnings gives him the ability to recreate successes in more patients, treat new modern-day diseases, and for passing on the knowledge to other practitioners. 

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