1: You have mentioned that Qichi (LI11) and Neiguan (PC6) are effective in treating dizziness or vertigo. Could you please give more details on your experience and their mechanisms?

Here I would like to give further explanation on my highly effective experience and the mechanisms.

1. The reasons of selecting Quchi (LI11) to treat dizziness/vertigo: Vertigo or dizziness is related to “wind” in Chinese medicine. In Neijing, it is said “All kinds of wind, shaking, and vertigo syndromes belong to Liver.” Through the extraordinary connections of Liver and Large Intestine, it is effective in treating dizziness or vertigo by Quchi (LI11), Sanjien (LI3) or Linggu (22.05) point. Quchi (LI11) is the He-sea point of large intestine channel. As He-sea points govern counter-flow qi and diarrhea; and according to Suwen, chapter Needling Method (Ci Fa Lun): “To descend wood, needle the point that Yangming channel enters”, which refers to Quchi point. Quchi (LI11) is located on Yangming channel, which is abundant with qi and blood, and has strong effect in regulating qi and blood. Hence, no matter the dizziness or vertigo is caused by Liver Yang hyperactivity, or Liver blood deficiency or Meniere’s syndrome, Quchi can treat all of them effectively. Another explanation that is according to the Holographic correspondence is that Quchi (LI11) located on the starting of the forearm where corresponds to the head and hence treats the head.

2. The reasons of selecting Neiguan (PC6) to treat dizziness or vertigo: Hand Jueyin and foot Jueyin are same name channels and communicate with each other. Selecting points on hand Jueyin channel to treat liver-wind diseases of foot Jueyin is effective in general. Besides, hand Jueyin channel (Pericardium) and foot Yangming (Stomach) channel are related through the extraordinary connections. Hence points of hand Jueyin (pericardium) channel are particularly effective in treating Stomach channel diseases. Concluding the above reasons, needling Neiguan (PC6), the point good at enhancing qi and resolving phlegm, to treat dizziness or vertigo with vomiting or nausea is very effective. That is why Neiguan (PC6) is the superb effective and common point in treating Meinere’s syndrome (vertigo with nausea and vomiting). During my decades of clinical practice, I treated more than one hundred cases of Meinere’s syndrome with Quchi (LI11) and Neiguan (PC6) and all received instant result. Some vertigo patients with vomiting or nausea were so severe that they need someone to support them. After the treatment, they could go home happily without assisting. (The above is cited from Dr. Young Wei-chieh’s “Young Wei-chieh One Needle therapy. The Korean version of this book will be published the fourth time this year.)