1. Would you please discuss the hand Yang Ming governs the Jin (body fluid) related illnesses?

“Body fluid (jin)” is the liquid that the body excretes outwardly and includes sweat, nasal discharge, and saliva, etc. “Humor (ye)” mainly indicates the liquid that remains internally in such as joints, brain, marrows, orifices, etc and functions as lubrication and moisture and nutrients.

Hand Yang Ming Large Intestine channel governs the “body fluid” related diseases. The described diseases include toothache, neck swelling, yellowing of the eyes, dry mouth, runny snivel, nose bleeding, throat bi, etc. The involved regions such as mouth, teeth, nose, eyes, and pharyngeal and throat, are passed by hand Yang Ming channel and are also the distribution areas of the “body fluid”. Zhang Jing-yue’s commentary says “The Large Intestine and the Lung are the exterior and interior pair. Lung governs qi. Body fluid (jin ye) is the result of qi transformation (qi hua). Hence, the diarrhea or the constipation of the Large Intestine is both the diseases of fluid and ruled by Large Intestine.” Zhang Yin-yen’s commentary says “Large Intestine transports water and grain, transform essentials, and hence governs body fluid production. When it is ill, the body fluid will be depleted and fire exuberant and result in yellowing of eyes, dry mouth, runny snivel nose bleeding, and throat bi, etc.” The Muxue (wood point) (11.17) in Tung’s extraordinary points treats dry eyes, profuse tears, dry nose and profuse nasal discharge. Those indications are the applications of “Large Intestine governs the body fluid.”