6. Please discuss the applications of “the Pericardium governs the spirit, blood and sweat” in clinical practice.

The Heart governs the spirit, so does the Pericardium. The Pericardium tranquilizes the heart and pacifies the spirit and treats various heart disorders. The most commonly used points are Ximen (PC4) and Neiguan (PC6). The Pericardium also governs the blood. The Pericardium channel is a fire channel and hence it treats mostly feverish diseases. The Xi-cleft point, Ximen (PC4), is good at stopping various bleeding in the upper body, for instance, to stop coughing blood. To stop nasal bleeding, needle the Ximen (PC4). To treat vomiting blood, needle Daling (PC7), Ximen (PC4). The Pericardium also governs the sweat and so it will treat night sweat due to yin deficiency. Needling Ximen (PC4) and Jienshi (PC5) to stop night sweat is effective.