5. Please describe the meaning of “Taiyang governs the tendons” and its clinical applications.

The Bladder channel passes along the head, posterior aspect of the neck, back, lumbar region, buttock, the posterior of the leg, and the lateral of the ankle, etc. They are the most important tendon muscular constructions among the motor functions in our body. Taxation detriment of those regions often induces various types of pains, spasms, rigidity, numbness etc. Those disorders are related to the tendons. That is why it is said the Taiyang governs the tendons. The most commonly seen disorders of the Taiyang channel are the sciatica, pain, rigidity and spasm of the nape, back, lumbar and gastrocnemius muscle. Weizhong (BL40), Zhengjin (77.01), and Chengshan (BL57) are essential points in treating tendon disorders.