4. Why the points in the small intestine channel are good at treating motor impairment diseases of the upper limb?

The small intestine channel dominants among all the channels run through the region of scapula (shoulder blade). Hence it strongly controls the muscles of the upper limb. It is particularly effective in treating pains in this region. The points of this channel are most often selected to treat motor and sensory impairments of the upper limb. As the extraordinary connection of the spleen and the small intestine, needling Shenguan (77.18), a point located in the spleen channel; and Xiajuxu (ST39) (the lower He-sea point of the small intestine channel) are very effective too. To treat the shoulder pain, Huoxi (SI3), Jienzhen (SI9) are commonly needled. Bloodletting on Shuanghe (DT.16) points on the back to treat upper limb pain is also very effective. In the two of the Shuanghe (DT.16) points, the one corresponds to the small intestine back-Shu point (BL-27) is particularly effective.