3: Some said that Linggu (22.05) point is the number one major point in Tung’s acupuncture. What do you think?

Debating over which point is the very first or most primary point in Tung’s acupuncture has no practical meanings. It is not meaningful either to debate over either ST36 or PC6 is the number one point in the fourteen channels. “Linggu (22.05) is the most primary point in Tung’s acupuncture” was Lai Jin-Xiong’s (the senior fellow apprentice) personal comments. After Master Tung successfully treated Cambodian President Long Nuo who suffered from the hemiplegia due to stroke, he passed the treatment records to his disciples. Among the treatment records, the Linggu point was used 11 times, the highest frequency than other points (9 of them were Daoma with Dabai point). The second rank was Zhongjiaoli (88.25) Daoma which was used for 10 times. Shenguan (77.18) and Xiasanhuang (lower three emperors) were used 9 times. From this record, Linggu was used most often. However, in the Master Tung’ original book, the indications of Simashang, Simazhong, and Simaxia (88.17, 88.18, 88.19) points are up to 19 items which is more than that of Linggu point. Then could it be said that Sima points are the primary points because they have the most indications?

We certainly can not make that statement by one single disease (for example hemiplegia due to stroke), nor the number of the indications listed in the book. The statistics shall come from the Master Tung’s clinical cases. I have compiled the statistics from 500 clinical cases by Master Tung.

  • Shenguan (single point) in 38 cases for 32 diseases; Shenguan combining with other point/s (in general Daoma with Xiasanhuang) in 16 cases (for 14 diseases). Shenguan was used in 54 cases in total.
  • Linggu (single point) in 14 cases (for 10 diseases); Daoma of Linggu and Dabai was in 21 cases (for 17 diseases). Linggu was used in 35 cases in total
  • Zhongjiaoli (single point) in 12 cases (for 9 diseases). Daoma of Zhongjiaoli and Xiajioli (88.27) in 23 cases (for 20 diseases). Zhongjioli was used in 35 cases in total.

The statistics showed that Linggu, Zhongjioli, and Shenguan are the three primary points. And Shenguan is the number one major point. Zhongjiaoli and Xiajioli Daom is the number one point pair. Linggu is neither the number one major single point nor the pair point from the statistics. But Linggu is definitely one of the three major points and it is very important point.