4: Why Linggu (22.05) is able to tonify qi and warm yang?

1. Linggu (22.05) and Dabai (22.04) are the primary points in regulating and tonifying qi: Dabai communicates with the lung and corresponds to the metal. It is located on the large intestine channel which also belongs to the metal. Linggu is located attached to the bone that communicates with the kidney. It treats both metal and water and have strong function in regulating qi. There is a saying that tonifying the qi to the extreme will tonify the yang. Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang (Great Yang Restoration Pills) is an example. The formula does not contain any warming and tonifying yang fire herbs such as Fu Zi and Gui Zhi, but when the tonifying qi herb Huang Qi is used up to four liang (about 120g), the formula is able to tonify yang. Linggu and Dabai sandwich Hegu (LI4) point, the Yuan-primary point and is located where the flesh is plenty. The location of the Hegu (LI4) has the thick flesh which corresponds to earth (spleen) and hence also has strong earth attribute. That makes the combination of Linggu and Dabai points able to regulate earth, metal, and water. Points that treat earth, metal, and water simultaneously are most capable of tonifying qi. Linggu and Dabai points tonify qi and also warm yang.

2. Linggu and Dabai are essential points in warming yang: There is a saying that yin deficiency is blood deficiency plus water fluid insufficiency; yang deficiency is qi deficiency plus fire insufficiency. Tonifying qi until fire being generated will warm yang. Dabai is close to Sanjien (LI3) which belongs to wood. Linggu is close to Yangxi (LI5) which belongs to fire. Needling both points will generate wood and flourish fire. That is to say to generate fire and warm yang. Linggu and Dabai points cleft the Hegu (LI4) point which is the qi-source point and is strong in regulating qi. Huoying (66.03) and Huozhu (66.04) points cleft the Taichong (LV3) point which is strong in regulating blood. Linggu and Dabai points tonify qi and warm yang (wood generating fire). As different approaches contribute to same end, Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang is the most often selected formula to treat hemiplegia, and Linggu and Dabai are the most often and essential points in treating hemiplegia too.