4: The points in the lung channel can treat lung diseases but also heart diseases. Why is that? Are there any special features of the needling techniques when needling points in the lung channel?

All vessels converge in lung. The pulse connects to the heart. Hidden pulse is treated by lung points, for instance Taiyuan (LU9). The points in the lung channel are most often used to treat respiratory system disorders, and secondarily to treat heart disorders. That is why many Tung's points treating the respiratory disorders can treat heart disorders. For instances, Renshi (33.13), Dishi (33.14), Tienshi (33.15), Quling (33.16) points located in the lung channel treat lung disorders as well as heart disorders. The lung channel also is related to the digestive system. One feature of the needling techniques of the lung channel is that no matter the diseases are in the respiratory system, heart, or lung, the needling depth is shallow to gain effect. The needling depth should not be too deep as it is said the lung governs the skin: puncturing the skin to treat the lung. Qimen (33.01), Qizheng (33.03) are needled subcutaneously to treat hemorrhoid. The anus is also called pomen (the door of po). The lung governs the po. Quit smoking is treated by needling Leiqu (LU7) penetrating to Yangxi (LI5) subcutaneously. That is a technique also addresses the lung. Shuijin (1010.20), a point to treat lung system disorders is also needled subcutaneously.