5: Why in Tung's acupuncture the heart and lung are often discussed and treated together?

The points of the heart channel starts from the auxiliary at Jiquan (HT1), run downward along the medial side of the upper arm and then lower arm and end at the tip of the small finger. The points distributes along the ulnar nerve. The channel pathway originates in the heart, emerges from the lung artery and descends to connect with the small intestines. Its branch exits at the lung artery, ascends alongside the esophagus to connect with the eyes. Another branch also exits at the lung artery, passes through the lung and auxiliary at Jiquan (HT1), and run along the arm. The heart channel emerges at the lung artery for three times. Hence the disorders related to the heart also relate to small intestines, lung, esophagus and eyes. The heart disorders are also related to the digestive and respiratory disorders. In Tung's acupuncture, the heart and the lung are often discussed and treated together.