8: Sanjiao channel is good at clearing fire. How to apply it to clinical practice?

Sanjio channel is exterior-interior related to the pericardium channel. It not only is good at regulating qi, but also clearing heat, especially heat in the upper Jiao (its pathway runs to arm and head). Clearing Sanjiao fire will benefit the upper orifices, such as Sanchasan (A.04) (Yimen) (SJ2) and Zhongzhu (SJ3) for fire eyes (red, swollen eyes). To treat tinnitus and deafness, select Sanchasan (Yimen) (SJ2), Zhongbai (22.06) (Zhongzhu SJ3), and Huochan (33.04) (Zigou SJ6). Select Zhongbai (Zhongzhu SJ3) and Weiguan (SJ5) to treat deaf-mute. To treat sore throat, needle Sanchasan (Yimen SJ2), and Zhongbai (Zhongzhu SJ3).

To clear and resolve fire heat to treat heart-vexed, needle Guanchong (SJ1), Sanchasan (Yimen SJ2). To treat febrile diseases without sweating, Guanchong (SJ1), Sanchasan (Yimen SJ2), Zhongbai (Zhongzhu (SJ3), Weigua (SJ5), Huochan and/or (Zhigou SJ6) all are effective. To treat Xiaoke (waste-thirst), Yangchi (SJ4) is often selected and result is pretty good. Because regulating Sanjiao and clearing fire is an important treatment strategy in bringing down the blood sugar level. Many Tung’s points that are able to treat Xiaoke follow the rule (located on the Sanjiao channel). Zhishen point is located on the ring finger, the Sanjiao channel, is for treating dry mouth.