7: Foot Taiyin spleen channel not only is good at treating digestive system diseases, but also good at treating reproductive system diseases located in the lower abdomen. Why is that?

Foot Taiyin spleen channels starts at Yinbai (SP1) point, runs along the medial and anterior aspect of the foot. It continues travels upward to the lower abdomen and intersects with Zhongji (RN3), Guanyuan (RN4) points of the Ren meridian before homing to the spleen and connecting with the stomach. It then continues upward and passes the lateral ribs and ascends to the side of the esophagus and finally proceeds up to the root of the tongue.

Spleen channel is good at treating reproductive system diseases. Other than the points around toe tips (ex. Yinbai (SP1)), points between Sanyinjiao (SP6) and Chongmen (SP12) are effective for those diseases. Xiasanhuang (the lower three emperors) points are effective points for treating reproductive system diseases.

Many gynecological disorders are caused by the spleen deficiency. Sanyinjiao (SP6) is called “the Sanli ((foot) three miles) of the females” and is similar to Yinlingquan (SP9) that has very broad indications. Xiehai (SP10) is also called “the sea of blood” and hence treats any blood-related diseases, for example, uterine bleeding and irregular menstruation. Sanyinjiao (SP6) is believed to effectively treat breech delivery, transverse or oblique lie or any abnormal delivery since ancient. To treat metrorrhagia, Yinbai (SP1), Diji (SP8) and Sanyinjiao (SP6) are selected to bring the blood back to the spleen. It can be clearly seen from those examples that foot Taiyin spleen channel is closely related to reproductive organ diseases, especially uterine diseases. The above mentioned diseases that are treated by Sanyinjio (SP6) can also be treated by Renhuang (77.21) point or Daoma of the Renhuang and Shenguan point for even stronger result.