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Medical Yi-Jing

  • Best Western Plus Executive Inn 18880 E Gale Ave Rowland Heights, CA, 91748 United States (map)

TCM Medical Yi-Jing—Yi Jing in Application to Clinical TCM
(in Mandarin only)

To do a good job, an artisan needs the best tools.” Likewise, mastering the way to think provides an essential tool in understanding and advancing in a field of study. TCM Medical Yi-Jing is an advanced theory in TCM that not only deepens TCM understanding but also provides an advanced tool for thinking about TCM. It is also indispensable in improving skillful TCM practice in the clinic. Sun Simiao (a doctor and herbalist of the Sui and Tang dynasty) and Zhang Zhong Jing (a doctor in Han dynasty) both said that one who does not know “Yi” cannot be said to be a great doctor. Therefore, this seminar is a great opportunity in learning an essential theory and gaining an important tool in studying TCM at a higher level.


1.    Give the students a comprehensive survey of Medical Yi-Ching and its various aspects in the application to TCM theory and clinical practice.
2.    Provide the students with an invaluable theoretical structure in thinking about TCM theory and its clinical applications.
3.    Enable students to have confidence and flexibility in clinical treatment options that a deepened understanding of TCM provides.

The “TCM Medical Yi-Jing” course will consist of fourteen lectures:

I.    Introduction to the Study of Yi Jing
II.    The thinking-way of TCM Medical Yi Jing (the unity of opposites, nature, holism, division, changing, communication, neutralism, time, circulation, and number imaging) 
III.    Taiji ,TCM and Acupuncture
IV.    Qi and TCM
V.    Yin and Yang
VI.    San Cai (Three Unities)
VII.    Tian Ren He Yi (Nature-Human Correspondence)
VIII.    Si Xiang (Four Imagines)
IX.    Wu Xing (Five Elements)
X.    Six Qis and Six Channels
XI.    Ba Gua (Eight Trigrams)
XII.    Gathering imaging of comparing classification
XIII.    He Tu and Luo Shu
XIV.    The application of Gan Zhi

Date 9:00AM-12:30PM 12:30PM-13:30PM 13:30-17:30
Day 1 Introduction of the Study of Yi Jing Lunch Break The Thinking way of TCM Medical Yi-Jing
Taiji, TCM, & Acupuncture
Qi & TCM
Day 2 Ying & Yang
San Cai (Three Unities)
Lunch Break Tian Ren He Yi (Nature-HUman Correspondence)
Si Xiang (Four Imaging)
Wu Xing (FIve Elements)-Part 1
Day 3 Wu Xing (Five Elements)-Part 2
Six Qis & Six Channels
Lunch Break Ba Gua
Day 4 Gathering Imaging of Comparing Classification
He Tu & Luo Shu
Lunch Break The Application of Gan Zhi

Class Details:

  1. Taught in Mandarin Chinese only.
  2. Class contents may be slightly changed or modified.
  3. The four-day course is approved for 30 California and NCCAOM CEU.
  4. PRE-REQUISITE: Only students who have completed "Complete Courses of Tung's Acupuncture" can register for this course.
  5. The tuition is US$XXX. Registration starts today. 
    Register is complete when we receive your $100 non-refundable deposit.
    - Deposit Postmarked before ----- to receive $100 discount
    - Deposit Postmarked before ----- to receive $50 discount
  6. The balance is due on-site on the first day of seminar (cash or check only).
  7. To complete registration:
    Send/Email/Fax completed registration form (PDF).
    Fax: (626) 581-1688.
    Send: Chinese Medical Center | 19161 Colima Road | Rowland Hts, CA 91748
    *Mail a non-refundable check deposit of $100 payable to Dr. Wei Chieh Young   
  8. No tuition refund for any cancellation made after class begins.

Seminar Location:
18880 E. Gale Ave.,
Rowland Hts., CA91748,
TEL: (626) 810-1818.
(Next to Highway 60, and 25 minute drive from Ontario airport. 15% discount off hotel rates for seminar attendees. If you would like to share a room with someone, please contact us at 626-581-1755, and we will help you find a roommate.) 

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