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Dr. Young's Special One Needle Therapy

  • Best Western Plus Executive Inn 18880 E Gale Ave Rowland Heights, CA, 91748 United States (map)

Course Description

PRE-REQUISITE: The 4-day Complete Course in Tung's Acupuncture

One-needle therapy is the supreme realm in acupuncture. It is crystallized from the essences of theories and experience; refined and summarized from hundreds thousands of clinical treatments in decades; and insights gained from reading ten thousands of books and traveling tens of thousands of miles to study with various teachers.

Course contents: highly effective one-needle points, selected from the 14 channels and Tung’s Acupuncture, for common diseases seen in the departments of internal medicine, dermatology, gynecology, pediatrics, and five-sense organs. Individual one-needle point is effective in the treatment. However, combining two or above one-needle points will enhance the efficacy. *How to select the one-needle point? *What are the techniques? *And what are the reasons and theories? All these topics will be covered in depth in this seminar.

For Example:
One-needle points for treating facial paralysis (Bell’s palsy) are: Cesanli, Shangjuxu (ST37), Taichong (LV3), Hegu (LI4), Fenglong (ST40), Dicong (ST4), Xiaguan (SJ5), Yifong (SJ17), Laogong (PC8), etc. Every point along can handle the task.

Treating vertigo or dizziness with acupuncture is effective and convenient and receives result within a short time; and hence is worth of promoting. Common one-needle points are Quchi (LI11), Fangchi (GB20), Neiguan (PC6), Taichong (LV3), Xiaxi (GB43), Linggu, Baihui (DU20), Sishencong (EX-HN1).

There are several one-needle points for every disease. In application, one point is effective. Combining two or three one-needle points enhances the efficacy. To get a general idea of the course contents, please read the discussion questions in Chinese page: 20, 21, 27, 28, 35, and 41; or in English page: 3-4, 4-5, 4-6, 5-6, and 6-3. The actual contents of this seminar will be much more abundant and fascinating.

Day 1 Day 2
9:00-12:30 General Introduction: The fundamental theories, essential tips, and techniques of one needle therapy One-needle therapy in treating pain, common internal medicine diseases
12:30-1:30 Lunch Time Lunch Time
1:30-5:30 One-needle therapy in treating pain One-needle therapy in treating the common internal medicine diseases

Day 3 Day 4
9:00-12:30 One-needle therapy in treating the common internal medicine diseases One-needle therapy in treating the common five-sense organ diseases
12:30-1:30 Lunch Time Lunch Time
1:30-5:30 One-needle therapy in treating the common gynecological diseases One-needle therapy in treating the common dermatological diseases

Class Details:

  1. In Mandarin Chinese with English Translation.
  2. Class contents may be slightly changed or modified.
  3. The four-day course is approved for 30 California and NCCAOM CEU.
  4. PRE-REQUISITE: Only students who have completed "Complete Courses of Tung's Acupuncture" can register for this course.
  5. The tuition is US$850. Registration starts today. 
    Register is complete when we receive your $100 non-refundable deposit.
    - Register before Sep. 15 to receive $100 discount
    - Register between Sep. 16 to Oct. 15 to receive $50 discount
  6. The balance is due on-site on the first day of seminar (cash or check only).
  7. To complete registration:
    Send/Email/Fax completed registration form (PDF).
    Fax: (626) 581-1688.
    Send: Chinese Medical Center | 19161 Colima Road | Rowland Hts, CA 91748
    *Mail a non-refundable check deposit of $100 payable to Dr. Wei Chieh Young   
  8. No tuition refund for any cancellation made after class begins.

Seminar Location:
18880 E. Gale Ave.,
Rowland Hts., CA91748,
TEL: (626) 810-1818.
(Next to Highway 60, and 25 minute drive from Ontario airport. 15% discount off hotel rates for seminar attendees. If you would like to share a room with someone, please contact us at 626-581-1755, and we will help you find a roommate.) 

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